I knew when I met Tizzy of Forager Cardiff earlier this year that at some point I’d love to work together and so I’m really excited to now bring this event to life – a wonderful opportunity to gather together in community, connect with the nature that surrounds us day-to-day and to learn some new skills too.

What is FORAGE & FLOW?

Broken into its component parts, FORAGE & FLOW is a foraging workshop, movement practice and lunch – all undertaken outdoors, within our home city of Cardiff.

Viewed as a whole though you see that there’s so much more on offer here – a depth of connection to our surroundings, and a real and lasting reminder of how we and nature are inextricably one.

Come along not just to gather and move but to remind yourself of our deep connection to this earth.

What to expect

We’ll begin our time together with an opening circle and meditation before Tizzy introduces herself and her work.

We’ll then be led by Tizzy into a foraging workshop where you’ll learn about the edible landscape around us, how to forage sustainably and how to cook with wild plants. As we wander together through our chosen location we’ll be identifying dozens of edible plants and even collecting a few seasonal goodies along the way.

After the foraging (and hopefully with that bag of goodies by our sides!) we’ll settle down for practice. As ever you can expect this to be a session that reminds us of our inherent connection to the land. We’ll move steadily and intentionally, with deep respect for ourselves and our surroundings. If you have previously practised with me in the park of course, you’ll have a sense already of how special this experience can be.

Following practice we’ll enjoy a Forager’s picnic – a plant-based spread made by Tizzy, perhaps even featuring some foraged goods – before coming together in a closing circle to finish up our experience together.

Giving back

It wouldn’t be a GATHER event if there wasn’t an element of giving back. In this particular instance I’ll have the supplies with me to litter pick as we go and 5% of proceeds will be used to plant additional trees in our collective forest where, since April, we’ve been growing trees in the UK, Madagascar and Mozambique, and supporting Ecologi’s carbon reduction projects around the world too.


When and where

The event takes place on 12th September, starts at 09:30 and will finish somewhere around 13:30. We’ll be foraging/practising within Llandaff Fields with exact details of our meeting place to be confirmed nearer to the date.

Pricing and how to book

Places are priced at £60 each, inclusive of the tree planting donation and can be booked here. Please note that bookings are non-refundable but can be transferred to a friend if for some reason you are unable to make it.

Practising outdoors

This session will be run outdoors in the elements so please do check the weather beforehand and come prepared with whatever you might need whether that’s water, sun cream and a hat or waterproof jacket, blanket and layers.

Unless the weather is totally restrictive we will look to go ahead however the session is liable to rescheduling where that becomes the only option.


“Lisa’s classes and workshops are like a human reset button and life in between has just that bit more space, energy, lift, awareness, compassion and courage”
“Lisa’s teaching is wonderful, intelligent and uplifting and also a little challenging in a good way!”
“I knew I would enjoy the yoga but I was humbled and surprised at how the spiritual side has had an effect on me. It was a privilege to share all this with such lovely people.”
Amazing, calming and beautiful. I came with no expectations but if I could choose all the elements to a retreat this would be it 100%
“It was a journey of self discovery – an opportunity to develop my practices and learn more about what makes me and my body tick”

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