“The stresses of modern civilisation are a strain on the nerves for which savasana is the best antidote”
-BKS Iyengar, Light on Yoga

Savasana. That pose we know so well at the end of class…the moment to let go. To release yourself to the ground and be held, just for a short while. But what role does savasana have in everyday life?

I’ve recently been ill, with a virus that’s doing the rounds, but that has lasted now a good four or five weeks. It’s disrupted my sleep and left me exhausted – fit for pretty much nothing. I work all week and spend the weekends in recovery, getting ready for Monday again.

As a result, everything from running to yoga (and to general housekeeping too!) has fallen by the wayside. But then I remembered savasana and decided I at least had the energy for that.

For 15 minutes last night I lay in what’s perhaps more commonly known as corpse pose, emptying my mind of noise and allowing myself to just be.

It was refreshing, and yes, energising. I went to bed heartened that even though physically I might be struggling, mentally I can find peace.