Behind yogalustco is Yoga Alliance-certified teacher Lisa James, delivering inclusive and accessible yoga instruction that nurtures mind, body and soul.


Lisa Innes - yogalustco founder & instructor

I first came to yoga in 2002, attending twice-weekly classes to develop my fitness and flexibility, and to provide a much-needed antidote to my hour-long commute back and forth work.

It’s a familiar story and probably the one I hear most often from people signing up to class. And it’s true – starting a yoga practice will help develop your strength, and your flexibility. And yes it’s superbly helpful for combatting that slightly hunched ‘sat at a desk all day’ posture that seems to haunt so many of us.

But it’s also so much more.

My personal experience with yoga has been to see my practice outgrow its role as purely physical and come to provide me with immense emotional support, particularly in recent years as I’ve made significant (and at times traumatic!) changes to my life*. It’s what drove me to become a teacher** – to pass on what I’ve benefitted so much from to others, such as you.

I’ve experienced plenty of good yoga, and some bad, but I personally am committed to teaching in a way that’s inclusive – where everyone (flexible or not!) is welcomed, completely accessible – where instruction is clear and intentions transparent, and honest and authentic – where I’m just as fallible as my students and will never pretend to be something I’m not.

I’m not teaching because I necessarily want to help people look great. Or become more bendy. Or indeed feel like they’re a cool yogi type who can wear fancy leggings! I’m teaching because I want to help positively affect people’s lives. Your lives.

Because yoga has become an integral and immeasurably positive part of my life, and in teaching I hope to pass some of that on.

Hope to see you in class…

Namaste XO

*(if you’re interested in all that life stuff, the blog’s where you’ll find me at my most honest…)

** (or, if you’d rather, you can just get straight to my teacher bio)

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