My classes are nothing without my students and I’ve been lucky enough that they’ve given me some fabulous feedback, some of which is displayed below. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


“Expertly handled. Every class is a holistic reset.”

Dan Lloyd
“My chiropractor has commented on how much my posture and weight distribution has improved since starting classes with yogalust. The teaching is excellent, I’m definitely more bendy and the breathing and relaxation techniques are really good – I even use them outside of class!”
Liz Rees

“After attending several yoga classes in the area Lisa’s class certainly suits me best. Lisa possesses a natural yoga spirit and her instructions help improve the understanding of a complicated discipline. Since attending her classes my flexibility and mobility has improved loads. Great crowd also.”

Jamie Bradbourne
“Before attending Lisa’s classes I was extremely sceptical about the benefits of yoga. I had always preferred to keep fit with more energetic activities where you can see an immediate physical gain and I wondered what yoga could do for me. After just a couple of weeks with Lisa, my attitude was transformed. I was starting to feel stronger, more flexible and more in control of my movements. It’s really helped me with other sports and I think it’s no coincidence that my running times have been improving week by week whilst I’ve also managed to stay injury-free.”
Sam Evans


“Lisa is a teaching natural! Her approach and teaching style has transformed my yoga practice and my outlook on life. I started doing regular yoga in January and wanted to build on my YouTube basics.
One-on-one sessions with Lisa really helped me hone my practice. Through some simple adjustments and clear explanation as to why those adjustments would help me and my posture, I now have a solid yoga foundation on which I can build. On top of the expected physical benefits I now also feel so much calmer, less agitated and more patient.”
Jaime Hindle

“My strength and flexibility really suffered after enduring a painful knee injury, however after only a few 121 sessions with Lisa, not only has my flexibility improved but I have also felt health and stress management benefits. She is patient and ensures my safety and wellbeing during sessions. I wouldn’t ask for anyone else!”

Jenna Williams

“A 121 with Lisa really helped me to develop my home practice, enabling me to create my own morning and evening routines. In general, since starting yoga earlier this year, I’ve never felt so calm, grounded and in control of my emotions. My outlook on life has changed for the better. Thank you Lisa!”
Danielle Phillips

“Lisa is both friendly and very knowledgeable. She helped me a great deal with my lower back pain.”

Josh Pawley


“Thank you so so much for such a beautifully taught workshop, it had a perfect balance of both physical yoga and meditation, it helped me understand how they are both connected and why. I learnt so much in those few hours and you have made me realise why I need to involve my mind when practising yoga. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the ending was positively delightful!”

Louisa Asprou

“I think that everyone needs 75 minutes of amazing yin yoga with yogalustco on a Friday evening.”

“Lisa held a fab yoga session for my hen do recently – definitely a different twist on your typical hen!
As an instructor she was great – calm, friendly and approachable and she ensured everyone was in the correct position and using the correct form to prevent any injuries. Plus, if someone already had an injury, Lisa was able to adapt the technique accordingly.
It was a great start to my hen do and all my friends commented on what a great yoga session it was – and how fantastic Lisa is!”
Rhiannon Hanmer

“I really enjoyed this session in a relaxed environment with fellow newbies. Anyone thinking of taking the plunge should go ahead and book quickly. You won’t regret it.”

Angela Champion


“Let’s put it this way, your class is worth the effort to wake up so early on Wednesdays :)”

Carolina Santos
“As a complete novice, coming to Lisa’s classes has been a fantastic introduction to yoga. I had previously believed the ‘yoga is for hippies’ stereotype but listening to Lisa speak about mindfulness encouraged me to give it a try and now I can’t imagine my Tuesdays ending any differently – relaxed, calm, centred – not words often used to describe me! Lisa’s classes are inclusive and accessible for all ages and abilities, and her enthusiasm is infectious. I really appreciate how she considers the entire class when planning her lessons and differentiates so that everyone gets maximum benefit :)”
Heather Perkins

“I think she does away with the OTT hippyness which can annoy me about yoga and keeps it spiritual while also applying practicality to it.”

Sophie Hayden

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