Deepen, build or begin your practice

Wherever you are on your yoga journey (and even if you haven’t yet begun), learning one to one is a powerful way of developing your practice. And there’s emphasis here, on the word your because, in contrast to group class, these sessions really are all about you.

It may be that you’re recovering from an injury, or that you’re feeling stuck on certain things in class. Perhaps you’re struggling with anxiety and/or life has become a little overwhelming. Maybe you can’t make your regular session any more, you’re keen to develop some practices you can do at home or you just really don’t like public classes.

All of these are valid reasons for wanting to work one to one – and in each case we’d be tailoring the session(s) to suit your specific needs.

Personalise your experience

Before we begin working together, we’ll have a chat about what it is that brought you here – what life looks like for you and what you’re looking to get from the session(s). We’ll make a bit of a plan about how to work, when and where and then flex and adapt the teachings from there.

Depending on your needs we’d prioritise different poses, techniques and even types of yoga building up a practice that suits the overall intention for our work, and the way you feel on the day we’re working together.

Throughout the whole process your input is of course crucial and so, as well as drawing from my own learning, experience and observation, I’ll be looking for feedback from you to help shape the development of our time together. It’s what makes this process so beneficial.

Practice as regularly as you need

Sessions can be one-off or regular and, if the latter, that regularity is adapted to you – based on your needs, circumstances and availability. I currently work with students in sessions that are twice-weekly, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and even completely ad-hoc so you can see that the possibilities are endless.

If you’d like to book a session, or find out more about whether this way of working would be suitable for you, the best way to do so is to get in touch via email or the site’s contact form letting me know what you’re looking for and when.

For full terms and conditions of booking one to ones, please see here.



“My strength and flexibility really suffered after enduring a painful knee injury however after only a few 121 sessions with Lisa, not only has my flexibility improved but I have also felt health and stress management benefits too.”
Jenna Williams


“The 121 with Lisa really helped me to develop my home practice, enabling me to create my own morning and evening routines. In general, since starting yoga earlier this year, I’ve never felt so calm, grounded and in control of my emotions. My outlook on life has changed for the better. Thank you!”
Danielle Phillips


“Lisa is both friendly and very knowledgeable. She helped me a great deal with my lower back pain.”
Josh Pawley


“Lisa’s approach and teaching style has transformed my yoga practice. Through some simple adjustments and clear explanation as to why those adjustments would help me and my posture, I now have a solid yoga foundation on which I can build.”
Jaime Hindle

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