Oh the joys! Of unboxing your brand-new running kicks and taking them out on the road for the very first time.

Never has your run felt so smooth and easy; never have your trainers felt so responsive and springy…. If only the session in question hadn’t been a series of 200m sprints!

[If you’re interested 4 x 200m with 30 seconds rest, followed by a 3 min rest and then a further 3 sets of the same, with coaching from an actual Olympic sprinter! My legs felt good throughout but my lungs….another question altogether, thanks asthma.]

I’ve opted for a pair of Brooks Ravenna this time around, a change from my previous Asics Cumulus and hopefully a little lighter and faster. Not that I’d ever talk down the trusty Asics, after all they took me through the New York marathon (of which pics below!), but with my toes just about to break through the mesh uppers it’s time for a change.

It’s a bit of a faff really trainer shopping – there are so many choices and so much scope for it to go wrong. Fingers crossed I’ve picked well though – time, of course, will tell!

What do you run in? Drop me a line and let me know…