We’ve all been there – when life feels so full of negativity and bad stuff that you wonder what it’s all about. Well today I saw fellow yoga teacher trainee, Kate Robertson’s gofundme pot hit the £400,000 needed to get her husband Mike to the U.S.A. and enrol him in a treatment programme that might just save his life. And my heart felt full to burst with love for the people of this world.

The money has been raised in just over a week with donations flooding in from people all over the globe, some of whom know Kate and Mike but most of whom don’t. They had to be in the States next week or not at all and to see this huge community pulling together to help them in this way has been both astonishing and amazing.

And Kate…I still don’t know her that well in all honesty (and I’ve never met Mike) but her absolute positivity in the face of such difficulty and sheer refusal to acknowledge the impossibility of the task in hand is awe-inspiring.

There’s nothing more to say other than to send love and luck to the pair of them. And to urge you, if you can, to keep donating and sharing. They no doubt have a long (and expensive) road ahead of them now. But at least they’re on their way.