If I had to pick one word to sum up this last weekend, that’d be it. Just wow.

There was just so much information and learning over the course of the four days that when I got home on Sunday night I was pretty much incapable of speech. A state that didn’t really resolve itself until about 6am this morning, a day and a half later. At which point a bunch of it just came flooding out and the other half looked at me like I might have lost my marbles.

But hang on a second, let’s recap… As it stands you might well have no idea what on earth I’m talking about!

So. This year I’m doing my 200hr yoga teacher training qualification (YTT200 for those in the know) and this weekend just gone was the first of 5 such weekends (plus a retreat!) throughout the year – each a four-day intensive session comprising everything from physical practice to breath work, anatomy to philosophy and, of course plenty of teaching practice too…

Even as I write this I’m thinking that there are a gazillion topics I could go into from here (what did we study, what did I learn, why yoga, why now…) but I’m going to siphon all of that off to one side for now, and reflect instead on just the weekend as a whole.

[For those interested, I’ve chosen a Yoga Alliance certified course, and am studying with Laura Gilmore, at Bristol City Yoga. As for why, you could try ‘About Me‘ as a good starting point…]

It’s been amazing. Exhilarating, stimulating, challenging and absolutely, bone-shatteringly exhausting. But amazing all the same.

To spend every second of every day learning new things.

To meet, all at the same time, 14 new people who share your outlook on life, have amazing life experiences and who are genuinely caring and supportive of each other, no questions asked.

To worry about whether those 14 people think you’re nice too…

To realise that this thing, yoga, that you’ve been doing for quite some time now and that you’ve committed to pursuing beyond the recreational, really is like coming ‘home’.

To tell a bunch of women who you’ve only just met that you have your period (and so need to do different poses than you might otherwise) and have no-one bat an eyelid.

To feel totally in awe of the teachers you meet and their years of experience and expertise.

To be terrified of the Iyengar teacher then realise that there is a softness and experience behind the (still a little terrifying) precision of their instruction that is actually just another thing to learn from.

To despair one minute about the complexity of the task ahead but be totally uplifted the next.

To learn more about yourself every day, and realise that there is a growing self-confidence and self-assuredness that you don’t think would ever have materialised had you not chosen this path.


and etc…

and etc…

I  could go on and on but I still don’t think I’ve processed it fully – it’s still all percolating away there in my mind. But wow. And amazing. And, as I say….completely exhausting.

So where do I go from here? Firstly a variety of homework – reading, studying, practicing and teaching – but then back to Bristol in March for weekend #2!

I’m so very excited about this new chapter and I can’t wait to see what comes next. And I’d love to hear from you if you’re doing the course yourself – or if you think you might in the future. Just use the comments box to let me know how you’re getting on, ask any questions or even just give me some feedback on the blog!