Practise. Learn. Evolve.

This hatha class is perfect for a Monday evening – allowing you to check in and, in uniting body, breath and mind, reset your intentions for the week.

In this session, we’ll work with the various practices of yoga, mixing pranayama (breath practices), asana (physical poses) and mindfulness techniques together to develop increased levels of resilience and self-awareness, as well as physical strength and flexibility.

This is an inclusive class to suit a multitude of people – helping to develop confidence in, and broaden your experience of, the practice.

“Lisa’s classes are inclusive and accessible for all ages and abilities, and her enthusiasm is infectious. I really appreciate how she considers the entire class and differentiates so that everyone gets maximum benefit :)” – Heather Perkins

Benefits of this class include:

    • An inclusive environment in which to practice
    • A chance to check in with yourself to set intentions for the week
    • Increasing levels of self-awareness and self-confidence
    • Continuing gains in flexibility and strength
    • An improved sense of general wellbeing

How do I book?

This class takes place on Mondays at 18:00, at the Pontcanna DojoReserve your place now using the online booking system, or find out more using the form below.

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